Hair Stylists

Do you work full-time at another job? Did you just receive your cosmetology license and you can't afford a weekly rental? NO PROBLEM, rent a chair for 6-hours, or even just 1-hour. Experienced? We lease private suites for the same cost as a chair rental.

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Salon Owners

Tired of owning a salon? Make more money, with no liability, by becoming a manager in a 5 Salons in 1. We will offer you a private suite and a share of the profits from over 100 chairs. Ask about our other perks. 

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Barber Owners

Do you want to manage a barber shop in our 5 Salons in 1 design? We will offer you a private suite and a share of our profits, plus other perks. 

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Nail Technicians

Rent a chair for 6-hours or even just 1-hour. Receive a FREE advertising page. Rent a chair by the week and share the rental with your licensed friend.

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CRE® Brokers

Refer a "guarantor" for our Crowdfunding campaign and be a part of our management group. Become "procuring cause" if this guarantor becomes a member of our commercial multi-tenant building ownership plan. 

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Use our proprietary E Leasing System, for FREE. Access a 5 Salons in 1's inventory to purchase blocks of time, in a chair, for as little as $2 for 5-hours. Lease the chair by the hour and keep the profits. Accredited investors can become a member of the salon's ownership group.  

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Welcome to the Future of the Hair and Nails Industry!

(and the future of the commercial real estate market)

"Every sector is ripe for disruption, as long as you have an innovative idea to shake it up." --Richard Branson

FREE Electronic Leasing System

The E-Leasing System
 includes a profile page, an ordering system, a reservation system, an e-commerce system and a calendar. All payments will be made through PayPal, one of the most secure payment systems in the world, and you don't have to pay their monthly business fee. How can this be possible? We provide you the E-Leasing System within our website, and we will offer you the chair time slots to sell so far below the current market prices that you can lease the time slots, still below market, and make a substantial profit. Remember, the 5 Salons in 1 and the Five Salons in One store currently has trial time slots only. (We are not liable for any expenses you incur during this trial period, including but not limited to PayPal charges, bank charges, 3rd party fees, and the cost of the trial time slots.)

Receive Your E-Leasing System  
Read Special Instructions First

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Resources and Tools

Every adult may receive an E-Leasing System, for FREE. We sell time slots in salon chairs for our affiliate 5 Salons in 1. Our E-Leasing System enables you to purchase, list, and lease these time slots. The platform allows you to further divide the time slots into segments as small as 1/2 hour. Our salon design is so unique that we have lowered the break-even cost per chair to $5 per day. Click Here to see the excel spreadsheets.

PayPal Account

CRE® Brokers, hair stylists, nail technicians, barbers and investors must create a PayPal account in order to successfully perform transactions on their E-Leasing System. Please make sure that your e-mail address you use in your PayPal account matches the email you use on your application here. Click here to set up your PayPal account. 

Everyone Wins!

We have designed a salon with a break-even so low that we can price private suites below the current lease price of a chair. Since our salons will be open 24-hours, we can cater to part-time cosmetologists. We can lease chairs for as low as $2 for 5-hours, perfect for new cosmetologists. These seats will be in a separate area, far from the suites.

Investors Have It Easy

Would you pay $2 for a 5-hour block of time in a chair in a million dollar salon? How many people would pay the $2 if they could subdivide the blocks into 1-hour time slots and then sell the 1-hour time slot to a cosmetologist for $1? Here, you can do that and we give you the E-Leasing System for FREE. If we pre-sell the time blocks, Accredited Investors,  can invest in a 5 Salons in 1 that has already made a profit in the first year.

For Salon & Barbershop Owners

Move into one of our 8,800 sf. locations, and we will offer you a private suite and a share of our profits (if you become a member of our management team). Now you will have no personal liability, no worries from filling vacant chairs, and you will only SHARE the supervision responsibilities. We sign the lease, and pay the bills, We pay rental allowances to you for any barber that you find to join us. We create a walk-in business, and we create an investment pool to pay for time blocks of the empty chairs. We expect that you will make more money than you ever have in the past.

When you join one of our 5 Salons in 1, you will receive our E-Leasing System to purchase and lease the time slots of additional chairs in the salon for your own profit.

Join us today!

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For Hair Stylists and Nail Technicians

If you have been running your business out of your home, quit the business to work full-time in another industry, or only want to work part-time and don't want to pay $30 per day, those days are over.

How does $2 for 5-hours or $1 per hour sound to you? Our 5 Salons in 1 will be open 24-hours per day and will offer you a complete wet-station booth for prices as low as $2 for 5-hours. If you are new to the industry or you can only work part-time, become a member of the Hair and Nails Group and work at one of our 5 Salons in 1. WE WANT YOU! You can work for only one hour at 2 am. in the morning, work 6 hours in prime-time, or share chairs and rent by the week. Our booths are set-up with wet stations, nail stations, pedi-stations, or blow-dry stations. Rent a booth for as little as $2 for five hours and keep 100% of the service.

Are you are an experienced hair stylist and work full-time in the industry? How does an offer of a private suite, fully furnished, for the cost of a chair rental sound to you? Our suite prices are 50% less than the current rate. Share suites with your friends, we will even have suites with two wet-stations. We offer FREE advertising with your personal profile page.

Refer other cosmetologists and receive allowances on your suite rental. Should you desire, we will offer you an E-Leasing System at, NO CHARGE, to buy and lease time slots of the salon's available chairs. 

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CRE® Brokers

Procure a "guarantor" for our Crowdfunding campaign to open a 5 Salons in 1 and keep 5% of the salon's sales that go into your PayPal account. You have the business account that our platform uses to reserve the chairs. You only have to transmit 5% to us, and transmit the rest back to the salon (once a week is sufficient). In addition, you become "Procuring Cause" should this investor participate in the purchase of the shopping center (commission based on investor's percentage interest and on the Buyer's side only. We receive a referral fee). At the Hair and Nails Group our goal is to increase CRE® Brokers' production by offering you a better, faster way to sell your listings. You will have "Protected" buyers eager to buy your listings. Your buyers will all be AAA qualified investors. Now, you will have an advantage over your competitors during your listing presentations.

Note: Our commercial building tenant ownership model will work for ANY multi-tenant building. Large investors purchase the building, smaller cash investors supply the down-payment funds and share in the ownership (80/20). In addition, the smaller investors retain specific leasing rights (their NNN lease payments only include CAM and taxes) to a defined 20% of the commercial building space. The large investors borrow their 80% interest and write a lease/purchase agreement to the building's tenants. The tenants pay a NNN lease that includes 18% interest on the 20% down-payment, and P&I on the loan. The investors, since they own the building, take the depreciation deduction and they also keep the principle reduction on the loan. The tenants benefit when they pay off the 20% high interest portion of the lease, lock in a fixed price for the purchase, have a stable and reducing rent, and become the eventual owners of the property.

Using this model, investors will have the ability to set (not assume) their IRR and their beta.

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No-one would pay 1 million dollars to open a salon; but, would you pay $2 to buy a 5 hour time slot in a chair that resides in a million dollar salon? Especially, if you could lease the chair for $1 per hour to a licensed cosmetologist. We give investors, any adult, an E-Leasing system, for FREE. The system comes complete with a profile page, a purchase/listing/leasing app., a calendar, and an e-commerce system. The 5 Salons in 1 sells you the time slots for the chair. Prices range as low as $2 to purchase a 5-hour block of time. Use our proprietary platform to divide the block into smaller segments of time, and to lease these times to cosmetologists. You choose the blocks of time you wish to purchase (a 24-hour day is divided into 5 separate blocks), what size you want to make the time segments (in as little as 1/2 hour), and the price that you want to sell each segment for. Receive the entire E-Leasing System for FREE. We listed our trial inventory at nominal prices so that you may practice with the system. NONE of the miscellaneous charges (PayPal, Credit Card and Bank Fees and the trial price charges, etc) are refundable as this is a LIVE site. Once we have an operating (or pre-sales open) 5 Salons in 1, you may purchase REAL inventory, at the prices listed. Purchase a five hour block of time for $2, and if you sublease the booth for $1 per hour, you would net $3. Therefore, you could make $90 per month renting one booth for 5 hours, while only risking $2. There will be approximately 60 booths to buy and re-lease, divided into 5 time blocks (over 300 time periods per salon per day).  Remember with the break-even cost per chair the lowest in the industry ($5/chair/day), selling the right for investors to sublease booths, and Crowdfunding discounts to the public, we will have a competitive advantage over existing salons and barber shops. Any Accredited Investor may become a part of our ownership team. I have projected that the 5 Salons in 1 investors will earn over 30% IRR, after taxes, for 5 years and with a sale at 10x earnings to a larger company. Now, would you be part of the investment group (accredited investors only) that pays 1 million dollars (once we pre-sell 30% of the chairs to project a 17% return the first year) to open a 5 Salons in 1?
Click Here to see the excel spreadsheets.

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