Increase Sales

Protect Your Client List and Connect with Qualified Leads

CRE® Brokers always look at new options to sell their listings, find qualified buyers, find new and reasonable sellers, advertise their listings, increase their property management business, and above all sell their listings FASTER. A company that offers to accomplish all of the goals above must charge a significant amount, right? WRONG, most of the items that we accomplish for you on our website is FREE! We ask only that you work with us. List your current tenants that are willing to join a co-op for the eventual ownership of their building and we will protect your commission on their share of the co-op. We will connect you with qualified investors that will be the initial purchaser of the building. Recommend a vendor (anyone involved the TI or sale of property business) and we will share our advertising revenue from them with you.

Join our profession side of the website, for FREE.  Every 5 Salons in 1 that you help us fund, you become "procuring cause" for these salons should they decide to buy a building. You will receive a FREE profile page and a FREE advertising page with a link to your website. Now the circle is complete, you will be able to view qualified AAA investors, tenants that want to lease-purchase the building, and investors that can view your listings and locate tenants that want to assume eventual control of the building. With our program, all sales will either pay you a commission or a referral (on the buyer's side). You retain 100% of the commission from the seller's side.


Does this sound all too good to be true? Maybe, but it IS true. I now have a way to protect my client book and guarantee me "procuring cause!" They are giving me FREE qualified client leads and letting these leads become part of my client book. I have an easy way to sell my listings at full price to AAA investors. I now have a new way to market for listings. I can show returns above the market to my investors. I have a built-in opportunity to increase my property management income. They give me my own profile page and let me join for FREE, with no monthly fees. I read all of the literature and everything makes sense. I'm in with both feet and couldn't be happier. - Rob S.