Gain Control

Manage Your Schedule and Profits

Working out of your home can sometimes be difficult and problematic. Most hair stylists pay a burdensome amount for a booth rental. Our affiliate, 5 Salons in 1 wants you to work at their salon. They are offering furnished private suites with two wet-stations and two chairs for $900 per month, a wet-station and single chair suites for $600 per month, wet station booths for $70 per week, wet station booths in 3-6 hour blocks from $2-$10, and wet station booths for as little as $1 per hour. You may share a booth and pay by the week and you never have to sign a lease (your choice for suites). By joining the Hair and Nails Group, you will be able to buy time periods for a booth and sublease the booth. We offer this platform for FREE to all licensed professionals in the 5 Salons in 1 salon. Learn to use the platform now, to be ready when the first 5 Salons in 1 opens in your area.

In addition, we offer you a FREE advertising page. Simply email us a portrait picture, contact information, and some text outlining your skills and accomplishments. We will design the advertisement and input the information for you. You will then be viewable by our 5 Salons in 1 and the public.