To the Future of the Hair and Nails Industry!

The Hair and Nails Group has developed a new concept that benefits the beauty service industry as a whole, from the product manufacturers and the product distributors, to the shop owners and the cosmetologists.

We will combine Accredited Investors and the public, as investors, to have a personal interest in the success of the cosmetologist. By combining so many as vested interest participants, we can drive down the price of a private suite to 1/2 what it leases for today. Even better, we can drive down the cost of a wet-station to  $2-10 for 3-6 hours.

We give our proprietary E-Leasing System to every adult that applies, for FREE (currently only trial salon chair time slots available). You will have access to the chair time slots in every 5 Salons in 1 that we build, for FREE. Our platform here at the Hair and Nails Group will enable you to, divide up the blocks of chair time slots into smaller time segments, price and list the time slots, lease the time slots, and receive the income, seamlessly, all on the internet.      

As an added incentive to our cosmetologists, we offer a FREE advertising page, viewable by the public. We will charge a nominal fee for other participants to advertise. Everyone will receive a FREE profile page with a communication system built in to correspond between participants.

In order to provide quality and assurance, all members of the Hair and Nails Group will be vetted and authenticated during the application process. We also require all members to create a PayPal account for future transactions (vetting for the adults to receive the E-Leasing System means you have to be competent and 18 or older).

The E-Leasing System uses PayPal exclusively. If you are a CRE Broker and are tagged to a particular salon, we suggest you open an escrow account at BB&T. With a $1,500 minimum balance, your account will have no charges and your "Bill Pay" payments will be FREE. For our other subscribers who open a personal checking account, we have worked out an exclusive agreement through their BB&T@Work program. The checking account is free with no minimum balance, they offer a credit card application on your smart phone, and you will receive other benefits at a reduced cost. To read more, click here.


Below is an overview of what you can expect when joining the Hair and Nails Group. For additional information, please contact us.

5 Salons in 1/Shop Owners

Join us or go it alone. The Hair and Nails Group accepts anyone in the industry. Use our platform to rent your vacant chairs and develop a walk-in business or work at a 5 Salons in 1 and make more money with less headaches.  Apply now!

Hair Stylists and Nail Technicians

Hair stylists and nail technicians can now work part-time at a 5 Salons in 1 for as little as $2 for five hours (off-hours). By applying to the Hair and Nails Group, members will be able to rent booths at any 5 Salons in 1 (that "friends" you) by the hour, day, even 1/2 hour. You may even share a booth and pay by the week. This flexibility will allow you to develop you client list without risk or allow you to maintain your full-time job or other responsibilities. Apply now!

CRE® Brokers

Join the public side of the Hair and Nails Group website and receive benefits that include a sharing of our advertising income and "procuring cause" protection of your lease-purchase tenants. Sign up to the professional side of the website and we will share some of our revenue with you. In addition, we will generate procuring cause leads for you and issue you a FREE advertising page. After signing up with the Hair and Nails Group, all CRE® Brokers will be placed in a uniform rotation. We will assign the shop owners and the investors to the next available CRE® Broker. The CRE® Broker assigned to the shop owner will become the super CRE® Broker. The super CRE® Brokers will receive all of the revenue from the chair rentals. The Brokers will then make payments from their escrow account, using BB&T's "Bill Pay," to the appropriate parties. BB&T does not charge for their "Bill Pay" service. For the super CRE® Broker's participation, they will keep 5% of the revenue of the chair rentals. The CRE® Broker who brings us a "guarantor" for one of our 5 Salons in 1 will automatically become that salon's super CRE® Broker. In addition, the CRE® Broker becomes the "procuring cause" broker. If and when the "guarantor" is ready to purchase a building, they will have the discretion to choose an approved CRE® Broker and their investor. If the super CRE® Broker and the chosen CRE® Broker are different, the super CRE® Broker will receive a referral commission. Create your profile now!


There will be two categories of investors, the accredited investor and the investor/public. Join us, your success will guarantee the success of everyone.
Investor/public: Any competent 18 year old or older may receive our E-Leasing System when they complete the automatic application process. Just access a 5 Salons in 1 's available chair time slots, buy some chair time slots, list your chair time slots, lease your chair time slots, and receive the income through PayPal. The E-Leasing System is FREE. We are Crowdfunding the idea and plan to combine a campaign on Kickstarter with an Accredited Investor campaign. We are pre-selling the chair time slots on Kickstarter and we will have a "guarantor" for the Accredited Investor campaign. Once we reach a 30% (chair time slot pre-sold figure), that salon is a GO for the guarantor. We will open a salon as fast as we reach the 30% chair time slot pre-sold figure, (starting in the Tampa Bay area).

On a much larger scale, the Hair and Nails Group has designed a plan to buy and sell commercial property without the occupancy and disposition risk usually associated with owning property. Each investor will have the ability to set an IRR and a Beta in order to lessen their risk or increase their return).
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This section brings together our 5 Salons in 1 (and other shop owners) with potential employees. Do you need a part-time job? Do you want to transfer from one salon to another?  Come here to search for that perfect fit. In addition, this section allows distributors to advertise their products. Charging the distributors for advertising will allow us to provide the barbers, hair stylists and nail technicians with a FREE advertising page.

Also, for the commercial property owner, the Hair and Nails Group will aggregate the pertinent parties together on this website to successfully complete a commercial real estate transaction. The transaction will create business for the vendors, additional revenue streams for the CRE® Broker, extraordinary returns and low risk for the investor, and eventual ownership for the tenants.