How It Works

For CRE® Brokers

"Show me the money!" For a CRE® Broker it’s all about making money, efficiently. Find us a "guarantor for our Crowdfunding campaign and we will share ownership in our management company (series LLC) with you. In addition, you may claim "procuring cause", if this guarantor purchases the shopping center the 5 Salons in 1 is located in (only the guarantor's percentage interest and only from the buyer's side of the sale).

We offer to share our advertising revenue with you. Let your approved vendors know about us and when they advertise on this website, we will share the revenue with you. List your lease-purchase tenants here and we will guarantee that you are "procuring cause" when they become one of the tenants in the co-op. In addition, you may advertise at any time in our partner section.

Sell your listings faster, list larger commercial buildings with a sales pitch that no-one in the industry can match. Find us just one "guarantor" for our Crowdfunding campaign and the floodgates will open. Your leasing business will blossom, the guarantor will want to participate in the purchase of the shopping center the salon is leasing from. You will receive a FREE profile page and an advertising page. As a subscriber, you will have access to shop owners and tenants that are serious about buying a building. With our program, all sales will either pay you a commission or a referral. Start getting leads today by filling out the application below. Click here to review the functionality of your piece of the puzzle.

  • Click here to fill out the application form. *NOTE: You must fill in the referring party at the time of the application submission. Referring parties may not be changed or added later.
  • Once you have successfully submitted your completed application, we will verify and authenticate your information and then email you a passcode.
  • After you have received your passcode via email, click the link provided to enter your passcode and log in.
  • Once you have logged into the site, you will arrive at your profile page, where you are free to create either an individual profile page or a company profile page that can be found by salon owners and investors.
  • All members must create a PayPal account in order to participate in future transactions. Click here to create your account.

E-Leasing System

Every competent adult/investor,18 and older may receive our E-Leasing System, for FREE. This system will allow the investors to buy and lease time slots in a salon chair. We are pre-selling the time slots in affordable blocks on a Crowdfunding site, and every time we reach a 30% pre-sell rate, we will open another salon. You find the "guarantor" to make sure the salon funds and PayPal will funnel all of the salons internet time slot payment by the investor into your PayPal account. Keep 5%, transmit 5% to us, and transmit the remainder back to the salon. Each 5 Salons in 1 will have 300 time blocks available to sublease. They will rent these time blocks for as little as $2. If every time block sold on the internet, you would make $21,900 per salon per year.

Find a 5 Salons in 1 Guarantor

We are raising money by Crowdfunding this idea. As you may know, guaranteeing the campaign's success will raise more money and at a lower cost. We want to pay incentives to the guarantor by offering an underwriting fee of 3% of the campaign's goal, and offering a share of our management company. We also want to pay incentives to the firm that finds the guarantor. We will share the ownership of our management company with you, and guarantee that you are the sponsoring broker so that you will share the leasing fees with the Hair and Nails Group LLC.