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For Investors

Most investors invest one of two ways. Some say that they want the highest returns for an amount of risk. Other investors define the maximum risk that they will accept. They then seek the highest return for that acceptable amount of risk. Add in liquidity factors, time management considerations, and some other factors and the investment industry is born. Now, the financial advisers combine individual investments, individual investors, and investment vehicles into a countless array of products, each tailored to the individuals investment criteria.

Letting professionals handle you retirement account makes sense, but how are you going to invest your current disposable income? I say start slow, be cautious, be conservative, and play it safe. We have developed a "big box" model for salons called 5 Salons in 1.  The expected returns are amazing; but, we do not yet have a working model. Play it SAFE and start SLOW: learn how to use our E-Leasing System, for FREE. We set up up trial salons with trial chairs. Reserve some time slots and play with the system. Remember, this is a Live site, we are not liable to pay you ancillary costs (PayPal fees, bank charges, the trial time slot costs, etc.). (Note: All INVESTORS THAT WANT THE E-LEASING SYSTEM MUST FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS IN THE HAIR STYLIST DROP DOWN MENU OR THE E-LEASING SYSTEM TAB. Write RIGHTS in the salesperson license number box, NONE in the years in business box, and NONE in the proficient in which styles box).

Accredited Investors: Be CAUTIOUS: buy a priority position in the next 5 Salons in 1 so that you may see a working model. Be CONSERVATIVE: only invest in a 5 Salons in 1 what you can afford to lose. We understand and agree with this philosophy. That is why we will pre-sell the time slots on a Crowdfunding site. Our "guarantor" will not move forward and sign a lease until we reach a 30% pre-sold figure for the time slots. Only then will we raise money on an Accredited Investor crowdfunding site.
You could wait until well funded public companies get involved and then buy stock in their companies. There will be two different types of companies that will eventually become involved. The companies that are involved in the salon industry will eventually buy out the investor owned salons. Remember, their purchase price will be much greater than the start-up price. The companies that are or want to become involved in real estate will try the second model. Lease-purchases have been introduced successfully in the housing market. The model we have posted introduces lease-purchases for commercial buildings and eliminates the problems inherent to the housing market. In addition the model contains an exit strategy and contains an algorithm that uses a selling price equal to the purchase price. The IRR only increases when a variable changes.

The E-Leasing System and the two business models that I have introduced to you here are for your review. You may use these models as you desire. We believe that the platform and two business models will transform the hair and nails industry and the multi-tenant commercial building industry. We are not here to dictate how you choose to invest, or how you will profit from these models. We ask only that you use our platform and website, and follow our terms and conditions. 

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Click here to see how the Five Salons in One business plan works.

Click here to see a PowerPoint presentations and the Excel spreadsheets for the Lease-Purchase commercial building plan. 

Sign up now by filling out the application below. *Note: if you want to become an investor in our salon concept, contact the Hair and Nails Group directly for more information. NOTE: If you want to use our E-Leasing System Click here Write RIGHTS in the salesperson license number box, NONE in the years in business box, and NONE in the proficient in which styles box.

  • Click here to fill out the application form for Accredited Investors.
  • Once you have successfully submitted your completed application, a CRE® Broker will verify and authenticate your information and then email you a passcode.
  • After you have received your passcode via email, click the link provided to enter your passcode and log in.
  • Once you have logged into the site, you will arrive at your profile page, where you are free to create either an individual profile page or a company profile page that can be found by salon owners and commercial real estate brokers.

View our List of Available Lease-Purchase Tenants

As an investor with the Hair and Nails Group, you will have access to any lease-purchase tenant or vendor on the website. Please list your terms on your FREE profile page so that the tenants may also make an informed investment decision. In addition, commercial real estate brokers will want to review your terms in order to add you to their approved vendor list.

After your profile page has been established, shop owners and partners may view your profile page, so make sure you list your terms clearly and succinctly. If a shop owner desires to buy a building using you as the initial purchaser, they will email you an authorization to become associates.

Become a Partner

Once your application has been verified and approved you will receive two FREE pages. One page will be a profile page, view-able by only the salons, The second page will be an advertising page in the Partner section. On either page, you will have the option to link to your website. The profile page will be on our professional side and it will allow you, (with the owner's permission) to view the shop owner’s website revenue to determine if the shop owner meets your requirements. Since salons and barber shops are a notoriously risky business, including one in your lease-purchase model could hinder your returns.

Below are a few tips on how to lower your risk for including a salon:

  • Make sure that the shop owner lessees produce website revenue at least 1.2 times their estimated expenses.
  • Make sure that website revenue for the NNN lease payments go directly from the CRE Broker to you.
  • You might require that they pay some of the down-payment portion of the NNN lease payments to you in advance.
  • Require that all of the shop owners/tenant partners pay for the tenant improvements at their own expense.
  • Include complementary lease-purchase tenants in the building.

Additionally, you will have the freedom to set the IRR and beta. Remember, if you use 100% of your money, your returns will be on the lower end of the scale. If you leverage your money by supplying the down payment money and borrow the rest from a bank, your returns will be much higher. If one of your tenants pays cash for their space, your returns will be even higher. Lastly, if you have the wherewithal to syndicate the investment, you will receive unlimited returns, with none of your own money invested.