How It Works

For Shop Owners

Join our partner, 5 Salons in 1 or stay independent. The Hair and Nails Group accepts anyone in the industry. Use our platform to rent your vacant chairs and develop a walk-in business or work at a 5 Salons in 1 and make more money with less headaches. When you are a shop owner, it can sometimes be difficult to keep chairs occupied, resulting in the unnecessary loss of money. At the Hair and Nails Group, it is our goal to help you fill chairs with talented, reliable stylists and technicians in order to increase revenue, flexibility, stability, and growth. In addition, you will have the ability to start a successful walk-in business. Click here to become familiar with the screens that you will see on the professional side. 

Addressing and Solving Your Main Concerns

We know that your will read no further, if we do not address your main concerns.
  • I am not going to try anything new, if there is a chance that it will hurt my existing business.
  • My current hair stylists or nail technicians do not want anyone MESSING WITH THEIR CHAIRS!
  • I do not want anyone I do not know and approve of working in my salon.
  • I can not supervise and I do not want the headache of allowing dozens of part-time hair stylists or nail technicians to work in my salon.
  1. We want to assure you that your existing business will remain untouched. You control,completely, your entire business. You retain all of your sales and chair rental income
  2. Your hair stylists or nail technicians have paid you directly for their chairs, and they retain complete control of these chairs. If they choose to keep their chair unoccupied when they are absent, that is their prerogative. Remember, it would be their choice to inventory the chair on the Hair and Nails Group website. The chair rental income would go to the stylist or technician.
  3. No one may work at your shop without your permission. We have set up the website where the hair stylists and technicians must first ask for and receive your permission to work at your shop. You may insist on an interview or demand standards, AS SET BY YOU. No stylist or technician will see your chair inventory without, first being approved by you. You may, at anytime, "UNFRIEND" any stylist or technician, for any reason.

We have a simple strategy for filling to filling your vacant chairs. Start slowly and see if this website will work for you. Find some part-time cosmetologists on this website and allocate one empty chair for this plan. Each cosmetologist will work one day a week. If one doesn't work out, find another one as their replacement. Start a walk-in business. As business increases allow the cosmetologist to share the chair on a weekly rental basis. Follow the same plan for your second vacant chair. Now, your stylists or technicians will have incentive to stay with you, and your vacant chairs problems are gone. Remember there is a large pool of available talent to choose from, for part-time help. There are full-time mothers that used to be in the business. There are thousands of qualified cosmetologists that have left the industry for a full-time salaried position. There are hundreds of new cosmetologists graduation from the local schools every year.

Once you feel comfortable with the website and you have filled your vacant chairs, you can take another step. On our professional side, we offer scheduling and inventory management tools for you to take your business to the next level. You will be able to hire two cosmetologists for one chair on the same day. In addition, this platform will allow to lease a chair on your off-hours, without your supervision. You may almost double your revenue, and we charge only pennies on the dollar. At your leisure, play with the features of the professional platform. It will be FREE to use for the rest of the year.

We also want to help you expand. If you are ready to relocate or purchase a building, locating qualified commercial real estate brokers and investors can be a daunting task. As a member of the Hair and Nails Group, you will have access to trusted, competent brokers and investors. Get started by filling out the application today!

  • Click here to fill out the application form. *NOTE: You must fill in the referring party at the time of the application submission. You may not change your referring party, or add one later.
  • Once you have successfully submitted your completed application, your information will be verified and authenticated, and then a passcode will be emailed to you.
  • After you have received your passcode via email, click the link provided to enter your passcode and log into the site.
  • Once you have logged in, you will arrive at your profile page. Here, you are free to include up to five photos and a brief description of yourself and your business. You will then add your shop's location and complete a default schedule with a pricing system. Remember, in the partner section, you will also be able to create a business profile-advertising page.

Fill Your Chairs

As a shop owner with the Hair and Nails Group, you will have access to tools that will help manage your chairs. One of the tools provided is an electronic calendar and schedule, which includes several adjustable variables for you to utilize.

Once your profile pages are established, and you have submitted your calendar; hair stylists and nail technicians can begin searching for your shop. Every stylist and technician must complete an application within the site. Once stylists and technicians have become a member of the Hair and Nails Group, they then are able to search for available chairs within shops. When they are ready, they will have the opportunity to apply to your shop, where you will have the ability to verify qualifications and experience. You may even decide to personally interview the stylists and technicians before approving their applications.


Open 24 Hours

​Hair stylists will be able to gain access to the salon through a key-less entry system. Video monitoring will guarantee that there will be no inventory shrinkage. We also have a product plan that will increase your revenue without carrying inventory - ideal for this concept. Our Hair and Nails Group platform enables you to keep your salon open, without your presence necessary.

Buying a Building

As your business continues to grow, you may consider buying your own building that has more space. The Hair and Nails Group will provide you with the ability to view the profile pages of commercial real estate brokers and investors. When you are ready, you may contact an individual broker and/or investor, allowing them to view your profile page and revenue numbers.

At the discretion of the investor, and based upon your revenue numbers, they will decide on your ability to participate in the purchase of a building. The investor will first purchase the building and you will sign a lease/purchase agreement. Through your lease, you will control a permanent space within the building. Your lease will be a triple-net lease, and the payment will be based upon the price of the building and the type of financing. You will, at some point in the future, form a co-op with the other tenants and purchase the building from the investor.

Promotional Points

Just for becoming a member, you will receive 50 points. You may use these points for discounts on booth rentals in the 5 Salons in 1 or for some of our other promotions.

Hair and Nails Group, LLC offers a referral program to earn additional units in our points promotion program.

Click here to learn more about our referral program.


Many customers are relocating into your market area. On a monthly basis we will provide incentives, though the use of coupons, to contact you. It will always be your choice to accept or refuse these coupons. You may promote the fact that you will accept these coupons on the FREE advertising page that we provide to you.

FREE Advertising Page

In addition to the professional, private side of this website, we will provide you with a FREE advertising page. We will professionally set up the page for you, just email us your pictures and text. Our salespersons may even take the pictures for you at your location.