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We are building a salon (5 Salons in 1) with 60 booths (chair and wet station included) and 50 suites (some with 2 wet stations and 2 chairs). We are pre-selling the time slots of the booths in blocks ranging  from 3-6 hours. The prices for the time blocks will range from $2-$10. Our E-Leasing System will enable you to purchase, list, and lease these time slots seamlessly through the internet. You may divide the time slots into segments as little as 1/2 hour and price them at your discretion. The cosmetologist reserves your chair, pays you directly through PayPal and is then able to keep 100% of their service.

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We have two trial salons set up. We listed some test chairs differentiated by several different factors and times of the day. We posted some nominal prices:but, this is a live site, so you will incur some expenses. We will NOT refund these expenses. Some of these expenses (not limited to) will be PayPal fee, bank fees, our nominal time slot prices, the leasing prices when posted by another investor. We will soon be pre-selling time blocks for an actual 5 Salons in 1, so those that learn the system first will have a competitive advantage. You will receive:

  • Our proprietary platform, the E-Leasing System
  • The E Leasing System includes a profile page. You may input a picture of yourself here. We have also provided an area for a brief description, which may include your contact information. 
  • In addition to having the opportunity to buy presale time blocks, you may, at any time, continue to purchase any remaining time slots in any 5 Salons in 1


Refer any subscriber, fill out the application, charge the $10 fee, and send us $5 with the application. You can fill out the application on-line at our website ( Once we verify that we have received the $5, we will approve the applicant.


Invest in 5 Salons in 1 Plan

Investing in a business that you own is not for the weak of heart, especially one utilizing a new concept. We believe that owning a salon that services several market segments will be less risky, and as profitable as the Blockbuster video stores were in the 1980's.  First, the average "Accredited Investor" wants NO management involvement, little risk, and large returns. We believe that we have catered to this wish list, and more! First, we have professional management teams standing by, waiting for a qualified investor. Some of these teams include well-known individuals in the hair and nails industry. Other teams include well-known companies involved in the real estate industry. These teams bring unique strengths to assure you of the best possibility of success. The 5 Salons in 1 will have the lowest break-even point per chair in the industry; therefore, they can offer the best incentives when hiring their cosmetologists and barbers. An investor wants to be assured that his 5 Salons in 1 will start and continue as a profitable entity. A 5 Salons in 1 can afford to pay "Headhunter" finder fees to begin operations with a quality and experienced salon management team and a salon full of hair stylists, nail technicians, and barbers. We have come up with a better idea though. We will offer allowances on the booth or suite rental for any licensed participant that refers another licensed participant. The prospective managers may also apply these allowances for themselves. Another idea that will guarantee success of a 5 Salons in 1 will be selling the "rights" to sub-lease a booth to investors. If we allocated 150 6-hour blocks of time for the booths (we have designed the salon to be open 24-hours per day), and charged $25 per month to only 100 investors, the salon will receive $2,500 up-front every month. In addition, If we sold the 6-hour blocks of time for only $3, we would receive another $4,500 dollars per month. We have almost reached break-even without even renting the booth during prime hours for renting the other suites. Remember, the break-even price per booth is ~ $5 per day. Now we have lowered the investor's risk to an acceptable level; but, we want to maximize profits, (further reducing risk). We have in the five salons in one business plan a means to lease chairs out during the off-hours (24-hours per day every day of the week). With the use of a key-less entry system, a video monitoring system, and our scheduling, reservation, and e-commerce platform, there will be no need for management supervision. Our "part-time" pool allows you to keep your chairs full, at all times. 

We have virtually guaranteed you a successful start. Now we want you to consider this exit strategy. You could always just sell the business (as our excel spreadsheet suggests) or you can consider a new strategy. This website describes an option for a well-funded entity to buy the entire shopping center that you are located in. If you are liquid or qualified, you could supply the down-payment (20% of the purchase price) to the purchasing entity. Off the books (personal guarantee), you could leverage you down-payment. Now, you will own 20% of the shopping center and reduce your lease payments to only the CAM, and taxes. Your return would increase measurably and therefore, you could increase your sales price in multiples. Read the scenario above to learn about the functionality.

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Lease-Purchase Marketplace (Lower your risk)

When investing, there is always worry and concern of taking on a harmful financial risk. By joining the Hair and Nails Group, and following their business model you will be able to invest in any multi-tenant building with little risk. In fact, your beta will be below the market beta and your returns can approach 70% IRR after taxes (the returns are this high because some tenants will pay the down-payment and you will borrow the remainder). I know that these are wild, seemingly impossible claims: but remember, you own the building (you receive the depreciation tax deduction) and you maintain control of your money. We do not ask for anything but a referral on the purchase. Your participation will allow us to charge the vendors involves in the purchase and the subsequent TI a fee to advertise on this website. The tenants interested in joining the co-op through a lease-purchase of the building will be listed on this site. All you will need to do is to choose your tenant mix and make the initial purchase of the building. You will also have the ability to set your own IRR and Beta. The tenants will have more incentive to stay since: they will become the building's owners, as they have locked in the purchase price, and they will realize the gain from any increase in value of the building. 

Click here to see how the Lease-Purchase Marketplace will work.

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