5 Salons in 1


How It Works


My business professor always told the class that the most important things to remember when opening up a retail store was "location, location, and location". Though location is still important, everyone gets their hair cut, so just make sure that the size of the salon does not exceed the demographic capacity. Remember, the 5 Salons in 1 model should disrupt the salons in the vicinity, just as Blockbuster did to the mom and pop video stores.The key to a successful 5 Salons in 1 location will be to entice the hair stylist, nail technicians, and barbers to transfer from a "safe" and successful environment to an unknown and "risky" endeavor.
Therefore, the keys to developing and operating a successful 5 Salons in 1 salon are:

  1. Garner the support and generate enthusiasm in the hair and nails community by;
  • Giving large allowances (comparable to Headhunter fees) to members of the industry to employ members of the industry
  • We suggest giving allowances in the amount of (and our excel spreadsheet shows): 
     Salon Manager  $100 per week for 50 weeks  1 total
     Section Managers  $20 per week for 50 weeks   6 total
     Full-Time Cosmetologists  $10 per week for 50 weeks  ~30
  • We have formed professional management companies ready to work with absentee owners. We will supervise the construction of the salon, hire the salon's management team, and supervise the management team. We realize that this will be an important decision. Our management companies have the experience to successfully construct, operate, and supervise a large salon. Remember, you will own the salon; but, the management will guarantee the lease and the operating expenses. 
  • You will pay the management company 30% of the profits with a $30,000 per year guaranteed minimum. We anticipate each 5 Salons in 1 to make a profit of $300,000+ per year. We plan to raise most of the funds on Crowdfunding sites. If you are a large company and wish  to negotiate a package deal, please contact Gary Casper at garycasper@verizon.net or on Linkedin.
  • We expect every 5 Salons in 1 to be profitable by the 2nd month. Among their many advantages, like having the lowest break-even price per chair in the industry, and the lowest booth rental price in the industry will be the Hair and Nails Group platform. Since, investors may sub-lease booths (and pay for the opportunity), the break-even point will be obtained before the suites are even rented.