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Benefit From Each Referral

We have two referral programs. First, we would like everyone to become familiar with our e-commerce store. Sign up and then use your name as the referring party for your friends and acquaintances. Signing up is FREE and immediate. The inventory is trial inventory only (not a running salon). We forever link you as the referring party to your friends' applications. Every 5 Salons in 1 has offered us a small percentage of their sales that we will apply to our points program. We will distribute the points to you based upon your contribution to their (and our) sales. Therefore, every time one of you friends purchases inventory from a 5 Salons in 1, you will receive points. These points will be good toward products or services.

In addition, our referral program is designed to reward our participating beauty professionals with our success. For referring the following participants to one of our 5 Salons in 1, you will receive an allowance to reduce the cost of your booth or suite rental. 

5 Salons in 1 General Manager $100 discount per week for 50 weeks 1 general manager 
5 Salons in 1 Section Managers    $50 discount per week for 20 weeks 7 section managers 
Full-Time Cosmetologists $25 discount per week for 25 weeks >30 cosmetologists 

Email the referral to HairandNailsGroup@gmail.com or notify us directly on our website. We want to create a time stamped record of your referral. This will help to identify the individual that will receive the discount when two referrals identify the same person.


You will notice that when you sign up or refer another cosmetologist you will receive promotional points. You may  use these points to receive discounts on booth rentals, or other perks.


How It Works

As shop owners, stylists, and technicians apply to become members of the Hair and Nails Group, they will be requested to provide their referral name. If the applicant neglects to list the referring party's name during the application process, the referrer will not receive their referral units.

Our recommendations for avoiding this situation include:

  • Accompany the applicant during the application phase.
  • Instruct the applicant to include you on the application.
  • Copy the application and paste it onto your website and social media channels. This will allow the applicant to fill out our application on your website. You may then fill out the information from this application onto our website.

If the referring name is not included in the application, the Hair and Nails Group will not grant the referral units. Also note that names may not be added or changed at a later time.Once the application has been filed correctly and approved, you will receive an email confirming that you are the referring party and that we will be issuing you the appropriate number of promotion units in the Hair and Nails Group, LLC. Please contact us for additional information about the referral process.