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When you are a shop owner, it can sometimes be difficult to keep chairs occupied, resulting in unnecessary money being lost. At the Hair and Nails Group, it is our goal to help you fill chairs with talented, reliable stylists and technicians in order to increase revenue, flexibility, stability, and growth

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Tired of owning a break-even salon? Too much work? Are the risks greater that the rewards? We need previous owners to become our managers. We will offer you a suite that locks. FREE or a reduced priced on the suite. We pay for the set-up costs of the suite. You receive a share of the 5 Salons in 1 profits (~100 booths). You keep 100% of your production. You set your hours and share management responsibility with several other managers. We pay all the bills. It's a WIN-WIN, contact us today and we will set up an interview with you and a 5 Salons in 1 in your area.

Bring your hair stylists, nail technicians, and barbers with you and 5 Salons in 1 will pay you for your referrals. Earn allowances on your suite rental, upgraded chairs, or products. They will accommodate your needs. 

Get started by contacting us or filling out the application (click here) today!